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yo ho yo ho a dorm life again. [Sep. 24th, 2005|10:44 am]
[I am |thankfulthankful]
[The Noises In My Head |The music of my body. like my stomach. you sickos.]

So im the dorms at ucsb at the current time. and for those who care i already have done about 20 cartwheels in the hall. yep. there always fun. not quite to sure whats up for the rest of the day. i think beach movie and heading to a sugarcult concert. cause its free. and thats awesome. yep yep. but other then that im jstu sitting. aleas in the shower. and im not taking one as usual. but its coool cuase i love her when she showers and when she doest. and when she reads this shell be all dang. and ill be all you know? and then some car will come into my lane and ill say. Um hello? except if i was black id say "look at this mother's husband". and ill just stop the joke there cause its ya. yall probably know it anyway. so ya jsut typing random is fun. i like it. i was playing a computer hacking game this morning. so you know i can get my computer hacking skills mastered. then i played a bow hunting game on the ps2 the other day. so ive been working on those skills. thats prolly the only reason people like me is for me skills. haha. thats no possible. those arent even very cool skills. cartwheels and round offs are way better. i think. man ljs are fun. havent type in one like this for quite some time. but i was talking to a man names pdub on aim a while back and we talked so that was cool. so hopefully he somewhoe reads this cause theres a SHOUTOUT to dub in this. ya. and ill prolly work on ihoj soon. so if anyone wasnt to get into that look it up its a lj group and its neat. and well ill leave it at here for now i guess. if thats neat. umm ya. ok later bladers. or not bladers. maybe some other word that ends with -ers. you pick one and let me know what it is. and that would be good. then ill use that next time i post. okie day then.

[User Picture]From: emopenguinz
2005-11-07 10:47 pm (UTC)

peter cunningham

so i think you should add me yo.
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